End-of-line automation

Advanced technological solutions for end-of-line automation and product traceability


Within the production cycle, the end of line takes on an increasingly important role, which is the basis for the optimization of processes and the improvement of the performance of a company as a whole.

 The growing automation of production sites and the distribution chain, together with the new control requirements, linked to the multiplication of the number and complexity of the references managed, make it essential to have high-efficiency systems for product packaging and traceability.

This is why we have created DELES Matic, a division that can count on a long operational experience and the use of the most advanced technologies, with the aim of offering the best integrated solutions for automatic packaging, end-of-line automation, labelling, coding and marking.

Through the ONE SOURCE philosophy we build a value system around the customer's single product, able to protect the product itself and consolidate the manufacturer's credibility. A value that returns to the company and enriches it, increasing its performance and competitiveness. Choosing a single reference partner for packaging, logistics and end-of-line favours the streamlining of internal procedures, the rationalization of resources, management simplification, economic savings: factors that together generate new value, directly contributing to the success of a product and well-being of a company.
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