Production of materials

We produce cardboard boxes and special packaging for every need


It is our history, the activity that has allowed us to make ourselves known and appreciated for the quality and reliability of our products.

Experience, constant research and continuous market analysis allow us to offer an extremely wide range of fully customizable products and solutions, able to meet any request.

Together with the customer, we identify the optimal supply model, which allows us to significantly reduce the stock and obtain quantities of material on-demand, when and where it is needed.


Modern production lines allow us to produce over 30,000 boxes per hour with cutting-edge techniques. Thanks to the implementation of new technologies, the range of products in corrugated cardboard now includes boxes in micro wall, in corrugated cardboard of all kinds, in heavy cardboard, displays. All products can be customized with flexographic print up to 5 colours.

We work and convert expanded polyethylene by creating ad-hoc packaging for each customer’s product.

We also create ad-hoc packaging, and our packaging projects are aimed at optimizing the economic and logistical resources of customers, and this is how we can offer extremely competitive solutions.

Through the ONE SOURCE philosophy we build a value system around the customer's single product, able to protect the product itself and consolidate the manufacturer's credibility. A value that returns to the company and enriches it, increasing its performance and competitiveness. Choosing a single reference partner for packaging, logistics and end-of-line favours the streamlining of internal procedures, the rationalization of resources, management simplification, economic savings: factors that together generate new value, directly contributing to the success of a product and well-being of a company.
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